The loyalty program that gives you personalized support and exclusive benefits.

A community of professionals

Valrhona Cercle V is a loyalty program created for culinary professionals offering unique opportunities for members to exchange ideas, share expertise, and enjoy exclusive benefits. As part of the Cercle V Program, members enjoy exclusive support and services, products, recipes, events and classes, contests and initiatives tailored specifically to their professional needs. Through the Cercle V Program, our hope is that these special benefits provide members with creative inspiration, professional support, and encourage a sense of community amongst members.

Cercle V benefits and support

Each time a special occasion comes round, we support you with recipe booklets and/or exclusive resources to help you stand out from the crowd. What else can you look forward to? Identifying trends, co-creating with the L'École Valrhona chefs and more, to keep your creative juices flowing all year round!

You will also find online Essentials and other online tools to help you balance and even design your own recipes.

Access to product previews or exclusive moulds and accessories
You can also join the ranks of customers who co-construct our products with us!

Oqo product

You are invited to meetings and exchanges, events and conferences of the Ecole Valrhona. You also get special access to food events, including the Pastry World Cup held in France every other year. - Services Pro - Programme Cercle V - Évènements Exclusifs

More Benefits

Are you a Cercle V member living in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands or Belgium?

Each time you order Valrhona products and take advantage of certain promotions, you will automatically receive a number of "bean" points to exchange for products, tools and services of your choosing.

Exchange your accumulated bean points through your dedicated platform.

Become a Cercle V member

To become a Cercle V Partner, you must use exclusively use Valrhona products for your recipes and offerings, as well as commit to purchasing a minimum amount of chocolate per year, which varies according to your business type.

Cercle V

Bronze Partner


5 400€/year

Hotel / Restaurant / Ice cream maker

3 000€/year

Cercle V

Silver Partner


14 000€/year

Hotel / Restaurant / Ice cream maker

7 200€/year

Cercle V

Gold Partner


30 000€/year

Hotel / Restaurant / Ice cream maker

14 000€/year