From our very first meeting to the moment your chocolate makes its debut, we support you through every stage of the process so that, together, we can create a chocolate after your own heart.

Your bespoke chocolate

To make your bespoke recipe, we first look to identify your future chocolate’s technical and flavour characteristics. Once we have pinpointed your key markers, we select cocoa terroirs whose singular aromatic profile offers up a vast range of creative possibilities.

Create the perfect blend

But we don’t just blend the best ingredients (cocoa beans, sugars, spices...) – we work to find an optimal balance of each one so that it adapts to all your creative wishes as soon as you have it. We define the perfect recipe by trying out a variety of prototypes, and you will be able to both taste it and road test its application to confirm it’s just right for you. We can also help you to create your praliné or chocolate bonbons. 

Your personalized chocolate

Add an extra dimension to your creations

Your Mold

We give you access to a real hub of expert knowledge around designing and developing molds for chocolates and pastries. From bars to bonbons, Yule logs and chocolates molded for Christmas or the year’s other big events, express your personality in three dimensions.

With the atelier création team, let’s push the limits of what shapes can be! This group of designers will find the solution that best meets your needs to turn your signature into unique molded products.

Packaged products designed specially for you

Semi-customized: We add your logo and/or the graphics you want to showcase to existing packaging (e.g., for squares, sticks, bars).

Customized: Packaging specifically developed for your products. We will analyze your plans and assess feasibility.

Customize your support

  • Technical advice : have you had a problem when using one of our products with your equipment? A technician will help you to fine-tune your configurations.
  • Pastry-making assistance : do you have a question about a technique or how to use a product? Our chefs will step in to share their expertise and creativity with you.
  • Marketing : need some guidance on how to give your creations the promotion they deserve? Our specialist teams will help you with your merchandising, storytelling and external communications.

Our clients talk about it

SIMON ATTRIDGE, Executive Pastry Chef Hôtel Gleneagles, Scotland

 I feel that, as a young chef, it is an incredible idea to work with a company like yours to make a signature chocolate. The experience I gained from the ideas phase right through to design and development was a great learning opportunity for us all. Everyone from the chefs to the reception staff showed an interest, and this opened up lots of opportunities. The whole process gives us a real identity and contributes to the company’s image.

SIMON ATTRIDGE, Chef pâtissier exécutif Hôtel Gleneagles, Écosse

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