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Online Essentials

Culinary professionals work every day to create and dream up new recipes for unique pastries and desserts. To support and enable them to constantly reinvent themselves, we developed The Essentials, a collection of basic recipes which has become a pastry-making benchmark.

This indispensable tool, last updated in 2018, returns in 2023 with more than 20 recipes reworked with a sense of Reasonable Indulgence.

A tool for creativity

A veritable bible of pastry recipes made with Valrhona products, professional pastry chefs can consult our online version for all the techniques and applications developed by L'Ecole Valrhona, as well as new features they can use in the daily pastry-making trade.

The online module automatically recalculates recipes for them based on which product they use, plus they can create ready-to-use recipes and invent new versions whenever and wherever their imagination takes them.

L'École Valrhona

Chocolate's future is invented here.

Created in 1989 in Tain L’Hermitage as a center for chocolate expertise, L’École Valrhona has become a place for learning, creation, innovation and improvement and a hothouse for future inspiration. It is a school which focuses on creativity and technical expertise where attendees can share their ideas about chocolate.
Tain L’Hermitage, Paris, Brooklyn and Tokyo. Four Écoles Valrhona around the world. There, 30 Valrhona pastry chefs
welcome and train passionate virtuoso professionals. As a laboratory kitchen for ideas, hotbed of innovation and network for invaluable relationships, L’École Valrhona offers attendees a unique opportunity to perfect their skills in chocolate-making, pastry-making, baking, ice cream making, restaurant desserts and more. L’École also offers themed workshops led by its chefs or internationally renowned sweet cuisine professionals. In addition to its courses, L’École regularly offers opportunities to meet fellow enthusiasts during inspiration days, workshops and discussion panels.

L'École Valrhona

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