"United and passionately committed to excellence"


Thanks to the talent of the men and women who work at Valrhona, our company has enjoyed constant, sustained growth: we are now approaching a milestone of 1,000 employees. At Valrhona, chocolate is not truly extraordinary unless it brings happiness to all, including to those who work with it every day. This is why it is essential to maintain their involvement, develop their talents, their autonomy and their entrepreneurial spirit, so that they can continue to be "united and passionately committed to excellence."

An HR Vision focused on people

Our goal: To develop and maintain the talent, well-being, commitment and autonomy of each of our employees.

This vision takes the form of 5 major challenges that fuel our HR policy: 

  • The Free Company and Vision approaches
  • CSR
  • Digital revolution
  • The commitment of our employees, their well-being and their quality of life at work
  • The international development of the company

Responsible Management

Our "corporate freedom" policy, which we launched in 2014, aims to give more meaning and responsibility to our employees so that they can reach their full potential as they perform their duties. With an invitation to share their personal and collective initiatives, our employees each contribute their own unique ideas.

In parallel, the strong development of our CSR policy, which involves all of our stakeholders, strengthens our employees' pride. Keen to nurture this valuable bond between all players in the cocoa industry, we are inviting our employees to help write our vision for 2025.