A group of commited brands

At Valrhona Selection, we unite leading, committed brands, including Valrhona, Sosa, Chocolatree, and Norohy around
an ethical approach, so that you have access to a diverse range that meets your needs.
These brands are all driven by the same desire to develop as part of a joint, sustainable project.
To achieve this, they have made a solid commitment to implementing actions that will lay the ground for the future in a way
that respects both nature and people.


At Valrhona, our strength lies in the ties we forge between producers, employees and customers. It is this connection forged day in, day out that allows cocoa producers to work in the best possible conditions and our customers to explore their creativity with a greater sense of social responsibility thanks to the products and services we offer you.


Chocolatree: We eat first with our eyes – so there is every reason to stand out! Add a festive, personal finish to your Christmas and New Year’s recipes with Valrhona chocolate molds and decorations made using 100% natural colors. Working with you to create your custom finishing touch is our raison d’être!


Sosa: A good product has the taste, the look – and the texture! Crispies, Peta Crispies and Cantonese Nut products will make every bite unique. Nature’s bounty is also showcased through the “Transparency” collection, which uses exclusively natural ingredients.


Norohy is a combination of “Noro” (meaning “light” in Madagascan) and “Rohy” (“bond”), a name that perfectly encapsulates our mission to shine a spotlight on the people who grow vanilla and create a link between planters and chefs so that we can show off this exceptional ingredient at its best. Everything that goes into our Madagascan range is certified organic.